M. Stephanie Murray


Ph.D. in English Language and Literature, University of Chicago, December 2011
Dissertation: “Dead Reckoning: Knowing and Telling in Early Modern English Revenge Tragedies and History Plays”
Advisors: Richard Strier, Carla Mazzio, and Bradin Cormack

M.A. in Humanities, University of Chicago, June 2000

B.A. in English, University of Arizona, December 1998


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Assistant Teaching Professor, College of Fine Arts, 2012- present
Director, BXA Intercollege Degree Programs, 2011-present
Associate Director and Academic Advisor, BXA Intercollege Degree Programs, 2010-2011

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Lecturer, Humanities Core, 2007-2010
Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, 2005-2008
Preceptor, Master of Arts Program in the Humanities, 2004-2006

DePaul University, Chicago, IL
Instructor, Department of English, 2005-2010

Administrative Experience

Director and Academic Advisor, BXA Intercollege Degree Program (interdisciplinary program in the Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural and Physical Sciences, and Computer Science), Carnegie Mellon University, July 2010–present

Graduate Student Liaison, Planning Resources and Involvement for Students in the Majors, University of Chicago, Autumn 2007–June 2010

Coordinator, Internship for Credit Program, Spring 2009–Autumn 2009

Co-coordinator, Renaissance Workshop, University of Chicago, Autumn 2004–Spring 2006

Co-chair, Graduate Student Policy Committee, Department of English, University of Chicago, Autumn 2002–Autumn 2003

University Service

dSHARP (Digital Science, Humanities, Arts, Research, and Publishing) Advisory Board, 2017-present

Associate Deans Council, 2011-present

College of Fine Arts Executive Committee, 2011-present

Middle States Self-Study Committee, Standard 5 Educational Effectiveness, CFA Representative, 2016-present

Tartans Abroad Scholarship Committee, 2013-present

Posner Gallery Internship Committee, 2014-present

Fifth-Year Scholars Selection Committee, 2013-present

Phi Beta Kappa Selection Committee, 2013-present

Miller Gallery Advisory Committee, 2014-present


“Talking to Ghosts: Imaginary Conversations in Early Modern Drama,” Conversational Exchanges in Early Modern Drama (1549-1640), ed. Kristen Abbott Bennett, (Cambridge, England: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, forthcoming)

“On the Alt-Ac Jungle Gym: Toward a Feminist Approach,” #alt-academy: A Media Commons Project (online peer-reviewed publication, 2014)

Courses Taught

Carnegie Mellon University
BXA Interdisciplinary 52-190: BXA Freshman Research Seminar
BXA Interdisciplinary 52-291: BXA Transfer Seminar
BXA Interdisciplinary 52-290: Literacy Across Disciplines
BXA Interdisciplinary 52-401/52-402: BXA Senior Capstone Seminar

University of Chicago
Humanities 14000: Reading Cultures I
Humanities 14100: Reading Cultures II
Humanities 14200: Reading Cultures III
English 16902: Stuff and Nothing in Renaissance Drama
English 16901/Gender Studies 16901: Roaring Girls: Gender and Culture in Early Modern Drama
English 10100: Critical Perspectives
English 20801/MAPH 34131: Revenge Tragedy

DePaul University
English 328: Shakespeare

Panelist, Workshop: A Digital Textbook for DH Shakespeare, Shakespeare Association of America annual conference, Atlanta, GA, April 2017

“Leontes’s Too-Close Reading,” Seminar: Close Reading, Shakespeare Association of America annual conference, New Orleans, LA, March 2016

Panelist, “Academic Hybrid Careers,” GradUCon, University of Chicago, April 2015

“Macbeth Has Come Unstuck in Time,” Seminar: Forms of Time, Shakespeare Association of America annual conference, St. Louis, MO, April 2014

“On the Alt-Ac Jungle Gym,” Alt-Ac Work and Gender: It’s Not Plan B, Modern Languages Association Conference, Chicago, IL, January 2014

“Beyond Capstones: Senior Projects as Reflection and Foundation,” Creating Campus Cultures of Success, AAC&U conference on Student Success and the Quality Agenda, Miami, FL, April 2013

“What’s Black and White and Red All Over? Lucrece,” Seminar: Knowing Language in
Shakespeare’s Poems, Shakespeare Association of America annual conference, Toronto, ON, April 2013

Panelist, Avenues of Access for Recent PhDs, Modern Languages Association Conference, Boston, MA, January 2013

“Aesthetic Literacy and Interdisciplinary Vocabularies,” Text:Image, Visual Studies in the English Major, Modern Languages Association Conference, Seattle, WA,  January 2012

“Feminine Sprezzatura and Strategies of Silence in Early Modern Drama,” Seminar: Sprezzatura, Shakespeare Association of America annual conference, Boston, MA, April 2012

“Creating across the Curriculum: An Intercollege Degree Program,” AAC&U Conference, November 2011

“‘No words, but deeds, revenge’: Accounting for Self and History in Shakespeare’s Henry VI Plays,” Renaissance Workshop, University of Chicago, June 2008

Hamlet, Revenged: The Epistemological Project of Narrative,” Seminar: Revenge in the Twenty-First Century, Shakespeare Association of America annual meeting, Dallas, TX, March 2008

“‘There speake and strike’: Violence, Rhetoric, and Register in Titus Andronicus,” Northeast Modern Language Association annual conference, Baltimore, MD, March 2007

“‘Labour in past matters’: Stabilizing History and Establishing Revenge in The Spanish Tragedy,” Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies annual conference, Chicago, IL, February 2007

“Lost Causes: Fantasies of Motivation and Meaning in Titus Andronicus and Edward the Second,” Renaissance Workshop, University of Chicago, February 2007

“Violent Rhetoric in Titus Andronicus,” Ohio Shakespeare Conference, Marietta University, Marietta, OH, October 2006

“Interaction between the Arts: Considering Collaboration and Simulation,” Renaissance Workshop, University of Chicago, October 2004

Professional Service

Consulting Editor, Digital Mitford: The Mary Russell Mitford Archive
Manuscript review for Digital Humanities Quarterly

Professional Affiliations

Modern Language Association
Shakespeare Association of America
Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies
New England Modern Language Association

Dan J. Martin, Stanley and Marcia Gumberg Dean, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University (djmartin@cmu.edu, 412-268-2349)

Franco Sciannameo, Teaching Professor of Music & Senior Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University (franco@andrew.cmu.edu, 412-268-2372)

William Alba, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Mellon College of Science, Carnegie Mellon University (alba@cmu.edu, 412-268-7333)

Bradin Cormack, Professor of English, Princeton University (bcormack@princeton.edu)

Carla Mazzio, Associate Professor of English, State University of New York, University at Buffalo (cjmazzio@buffalo.edu)

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